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Michigan National Guard.  The 126 Infantry, 3rd Battalion,  46th Infantry Division, Headquarters Company, Headquarters

The Grand Valley Armory in Wyoming, Michigan was dedicated on 31 May 1965, Second Brigade Headquarters, the First and Third battalions 126th Infantry, and the Forty-sixth Infantry Division Band.

In 1966 we changed to 38th Infantry Division,  Headquarters Company, Headquarters  (Cyclone)

In November of 1965 we were a Selected Reserve Force (SRF). Third Battalion 126th Infantry was West Michiganís SRF battalion. All Michigan SRF were the Thirty-eighth Infantry Division of Indiana, an SRF division in the.  Robert McNamara wanted us in the Viet Nam war.  All SRF really did was double all meetings and week ends.  On July 23 1967 we went to Detroit, MI because of the riots.

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