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These are vacations we have taken.  More photos will be here, check back often.

Although these photos are current, perhaps some day I will post the trips I took in the 50s as a child.  The trips I have had with my parents were many.  I had seen places in the U.S.A. that many of my classmates had never gone.  As I look back, traveling in the U.S.A in the 50's was so much different than today.  See the vintage post cards for a blast from the past.


Links to my Favorite Places.


My Parent took us to  Yellowstone National Park Wyoming, twice, ask me about the black bear and the scary geysers.  I also when there with Chris.

Grand Teton National Park Wyoming, which is just South of Yellowstone. 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Tennessee many times, I cannot remember each trip.

Devils Tower  Wyoming, which was the U.S.A. first National Monument and the star of Close Encounter of the Third Kind.

Death Valley National Park Nevada

Red Wood National Park California

Yosemite National Park California

Grand Canyon National Park  Arizona

Bryce Canyon National Park Arizona

Zion National Park Utah's First National Park. We went to Bryce and Zion back to back, I must have be in 6th grade.  My mother said we went to Zion and Zyce.  I laughed so hard.

Mesa Verde National Park Colorado.

Bad Lands National Park  South Dakota

Mackinaw City Michigan My favorite week end trip.






 Many more trips will be added.




What were summer like in the 50s.


Long summers..  seemed like they were endless.  Arise early morning, on the go all day.  Playing baseball from 10AM until the Robins chirped in the evening.  The baseball games were like the movie Sand Lot, without the evil dog.  We used the field in front of my friend Jim's house.  It was a field that angled down toward the green houses which are no longer there, but then what is the same from the 50s.  Once Steve batted the ball so hard it broke a window in the green house, that was the end of the game.  Like Sand Lot no dared to get the ball.


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