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I own all documents and photos shown except for the Land Patents and the photo that is courtesy of Carole.  The Caledonia Newspapers are in bad shape but still readable.  All newspaper are from the 1880s and 1890s.



George Kinsey

Chrles Kinsey Family

Charles and Carrie (Spaulding) Kinsey

Courtesy of Carole

Carrie (Spaulding) Kinsey

Courtesy of Carole


Invitation to Charles Kinsey and Carrie's Anniversary

1895 5th Anniversary - Marriage Feb - 11 - 1890

Caledonia Newspaper clipping of John Spaulding visiting C.H. Kinsey
Cropped version of the Article of John Spaulding
The Last time Carrie was at Harbor Springs


Carrie Spaulding's (Kinsey) Birth Place


Charles Lawyer

Carrier Spaulding

Loraine (Cook) Spaulding

Most likely the birth place of John and Helen Spaulding.

Minor P. Spaulding is their father (Not Pictured)

On Cook Road which is now 48th street

Charles Kinsey

Courtesy of Carole

Mrs. Charles Kinsey Obit

Carrie E. Spaulding

Carrie (Kinsey) Spaulding in the rose garden
Charles Kinsey Store Ad

This appeared in the Caledonia News Paper April 30, 1914

Rhea (Kinsey) Cronin
Rhea Kinsey and Esther Lorraine Kraft (baby)

This photo may have been taken in 1904

Miner and Rhea Kinsey
Baby Rhea Kinsey
Joseph Cronin Obit, Rhea Kinsey Husband


Blanche Kinsey 12/25/1881
Blanche Kinsey, Teenager
Lori and Blanch Kinsey
Blanche Kinsey Married, (Spaulding)
John Spaulding and Blanche Kinsey Marriage
Preacher, Edward George Lewis

John Spaulding and Blanche Kinsey Marriage

The Kinsey Home in Alberta Canada

Bev, Arthur, Loraine, and Louis. Grand Daughter Irene and her daughters Isabell and Drusy(spl). Cousin's of Rhea Kinsey

Blanche Kinsey in Muskegon
Blanche (Kinsey) Spaulding last house in Caledonia, MI
Labeled as Dad as a young man.

It may be Charles Kinsey

Jacob Kinsey Land Patent.
David Kinsey Land Patent
The History of Kinsey as told by Rhea Kinsey
The History of Kinsey as told by Rhea Kinsey
The History of Kinsey as told by Rhea Kinsey
The History of Kinsey as told by Rhea Kinsey

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