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Oakgrove Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Paris Township


Orleans Spaulding

My Great Great Grand Father

Birth Date: 31 Jul 1804

Death Date: 17 May 1889

Rilla (Patterson) Spaulding

My Great Great Grand Mother

Birth Date: 11 Jan 1817

Death Date: 16 Feb 1879

Sally A. (Spaulding) Patterson

Wife of Miner Patterson

Daughter of Orleans and Sally Van Dyke

Samual Jackson Spaulding

Orleans Son

Mother Sally Van Dyke Orleans First Wife

Born Date: 02 Apr 1830

Death Date: Unknown

Corporal in the Civil War

Emuline Spaulding

Dewitt C. Spaulding

Wife Amelia L. Hodges

Father Orleans, Mother Rilla



Robert Purifoy Carlton

Born 19 Oct 1832 Died 06 Feb 1905

Civil War Sergeant, 21st Michigan Company B. Infantry




Family Stone, with Joseph Davis on the side.

Davis - Patterson

Joseph B

Born: 30 Jun 1812

Died: 29 Aug 1862


Born: 13 Sep 1814

Died: 24 Oct 1881


Wife of Minor. Davis

Born: 09 Oct 1850

Died: July 21, 1901, 50 years 9 Months 12 Days

Minor T. Davis

Born: 01 Feb 1842

Died: 12 Feb 1916




Born 1872 Died 1949


Born 1868 Died 1853

Cora Leilla Davis

Born March 19, 1876

Died February 10, 1903

Wife of Joseph Davis




Cook Family Marker

Byron L Cook

Husband of Maria Patterson

Born 11-4-186 Died 7-29-1896

Maria L. (Patterson) Cook

Wife of Byron L. Cook, Daughter of Jacob Patterson Rose Ann Carlton Born 1841 Died 1908



Abram F. Patterson

Born 1837 Died 1930

Maria L. (Patterson) Cook

Wife of Abram F Cook

Born 1841 Died 1900


Ada F. Born 1855 Died 1935 William Born 1848 Died1924

Alice Patterson

Born 1857 Died 1880

Boise Patterson

Son of Hewitt and Alice

Born 1887 Died 1912

Alice Ella Patterson

Born 1857 Died 1896 Wife of Hewitt M. Patteson

John James Patterson Husband of Alice

Born 1851 Died 1926

John James Patterson

Born 1851

Died 1926

Edith Patterson

Born 1858 Died 1934

Wife of J.J. Patterson

Hewett M. Patterson

Born 1851 Died 1923 Husband of Alice

George Patterson

Son of Hewitt and Alice

George Martin Patterson

Born 1860 Died 1941

Husband of Nettie

Robert Patterson

Born 7 1845 Died June 13 1895 Husband of Hattie

Rachel (Delong) Patterson

Born February 7 1787

Died March 1 1864

John and Martha Ann (Spaudling) Patterson

John Born 25 Apr 1827 Died 04 Mar 1906

Martha Ann Born 1834 Died 01 Dec 1899

Miner Patterson

Born 09 Jun 1819 Died 25 Mar 1902

Son of Rachel (Delong) Patterson

Born in Wayne, Steuben, New York, USA

Miner Lincoln Patterson

Born 1866 Died 1931

Sarah E. Patterson


Rachel Patterson whose husband died in 1831 came from Washtenaw county in 1828.  She had five boys to bring up and educate and manag the homestead six years, when she came with her family to Kent county, and bought 40 acres of land on sec. 13, in Paris Township which is now Kentwood. Her log cabin was where the Home Depot is now on 27th street. With the aid of her sons she paid for her land and spread its borders until the tract in the possession of the family included 350 acres Her sons all settled near her, and she was to the end of her life, March 1, 1864. At her death Minor Patterson her son, came in possession of the homestead, to which he has added until he owned 320 acres of first-class land. When he first began his struggle with the world he owned two dollars, an ax and a gun, and three months' provisions.