Odyssey of the Mind - Michigan

State Competition - 2007


Traverse City - Central High School



They Received 3rd Place.  No Crying No Pity for this team.  They will be back next year!!


In Central High School Traverse City Michigan

Huddling by the heater in the cold morning.

The Program


Starting to bring props out.



Ready to go on.

Setting Up

Starting their performance.

Welcome to the International House of Cards

Two old ladies entering the restaurant, International House of Cards.

Birthday Discount

It's My Birthday! 100% off of meal.

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo's have Wings? Of course they do!

Birthday Mouse

Birthday Mouse wishing to be smaller.

Mouse Shrinking

The Mouse's wish came true, getting smaller.

Judges Questioning

The Judges asking the team how they came up with everything.

They're Done

Finished with performance.

Pink Flamingo

Some of the team walking around trading items. [Pink Flamingo]


All of the teams trading items.

Award Presentation

The Medals & Trophies.

Our Medals

Team attempting to be happy with receiving 3rd place out of 7 teams altogether.

Team and their fired coach

Failed managers get fired. =]



                            The Evil 3rd Place Award (Bronze Award)

So Evil it broke the second day!



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