Cascade Cemetery, Cascade, Kent County, Michigan

Cascade Entrance off 30's Street


Frank L Spaulding

19 Apr 1881

Cascade, Kent, Michigan, USA

11 Mar 1953

Cascade, Kent, Michigan, USA


Son of Ransom and Mary Spaulding


Ella Mae (McCaul) Spaulding


Ada, Kent, Michigan, USA


Cascade, Kent, Michigan, USA


Frank L Spaulding's wife

Sara A.

Born 1849 Died 1911

Blanche Spaulding


Cascade, Kent, Michigan, USA

01/Dec/1893Cascade, Kent, Michigan, USA


 1 year, 3 months, 5 days

Daughter of Ramsom and Mary A (Patterson)



R. L (Ramsom L.) Spaulding


Paris, Kent, Michigan, USA


Cascade, Kent, Michigan, USA


Their house was on Spaulding near Burton.


Mary (Terrell) Spaulding


Cascade, Kent, Michigan, USA


Cascade, Kent, Michigan, USA

Wife of Ransom


Spaulding Family Marker

















Patterson Family Stone

Chancy (Chauncey) Patterson

Born 21 Apr 1823 Died 26 Feb 1903 Husband of Sarah


Sarah (Dickson) Patterson

Born 25 Nov 1829 Died 1923 Wife of Chauncey


Nettie I Patterson

Born 1861 Died 1945 Wife of George Patterson



George Martin Patterson

Born 1860 Born 1941 Chauncey Patterson son


Byron Zachery Patterson


Cascade, Kent County, Michigan, USA


Cascade, Kent County, Michigan, USA

Bryon J. Patterson


Cascade, Kent County, Michigan, USA



Cascade, Kent County, Michigan, USA



Born 1847 Died 1927


Ida M Patterson

Mother Born 1879 Died 1941


Miner G. Born 23 Aug 1886

Beulah M. (Cook) Born 04 Sep 1891 Died Aug 1967

Minor J. Patterson

1926 Son of M and B. Patterson

Sara A. Patterson

Born 1849 Died 1911



Sarah E. Patterson

William H. Patterson

Born 1849 Died 1927 Son of Chauncey Patterson


Patterson Family Stone



Charles S. Cook

Born 1861 Died 1921

Wife is Georgia E.Peet

Ethelyn F. Cook

Born 1907 Died 1994

Elizabeth (Eliza) Cook

Born 16 Jul 1801 Died April 16,1871 Wife of Lewis Cook

Samantha (Cook) Teeple

Born .May 8,1814 Died Sept.4,1895 wife of George W.


Thomas Born Jan.18,1818 Died Sept.16,1891

Mary B. Born.Nov.9,1825 Died.Dec.11,1899

D Cook


John F. (Father); Born.February 23,1834 Died.May 29,1908

Mary Jane (Spaulding) Born Apr.1,1838 Died.Jan.20,1904 Daughter of Orleans and Aurilla Patterson.

Miner Luthenius Cook

Born 1893 Died 1985 Son of Charles S. and Georgia E.Peet

Martia Anna Cook

Died September 7-1835.Oct.27,1878; a.-43y 1m 20d wife of William F.

William H. Cook

1849 1927

EC is most likely Ezekiel Cook

Jesse Cook

Born 1797

Died 1874

Husband of Rachel (Fisher) Cook

Rachel Cook

Wife of Jesse Cook

Born 1799

Died Feb 1884

Debrah (Ferris) Cook, wife of Edward

Born February 2 1796

Died .September16,1868

Years 72y 7m 16d

Edward P. Cook, Husband of Debrah Ferris (The P most likely stands for Patterson.

Born 11-30-1785 Died July 4,1868

Years 74y 7m 4d



Elmer E. Teeple

Born.Oct.29,1835 Died Jan.26,1850

George Teeple

Born .April 8,1810 Died.Oct.29,1883

Oscar Teeple

Born 29 May 1838 Died


Sarah Teeple

Born September 10 1827 Died.March 10,1873 a.-65y 6m wife of Peter

Samantha (Cook)


Oscar F Teeple

S. Teeple










Senaca Teeple


Wayne, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Died. March 2,1904

Cascade, Kent, Michigan, USA







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