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Arbanas Family and relatives

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Arbanas Family

7-4-1942 on the Arbanas Farm

I cannot name them all, please help

All Related

Wilma, Helen, John (Cousin) Arbanas, Many Ann Ercegovac, Robert Bosnak, Violet Arvanas (Cousin) in Wayland

Anna Arbanas

Wayland, MI at home

Anna in the Dahlia Patch

Wayland, MI at home

Anna Arbanas with a Chicken

Wayland, MI at home

Anna Arbanas and Baby Doll (Frances)

Ann Arbanas 1929

With daughters

Anna, Mary and Nickie Krulac

Ann and Olga Arbanas

Matt Arbanas husband of Anna

Helen Arbanas and (Day Miger) sp?, Matthew Arbanas on Porch Steps

Wayland, MI 1928

Matthew Arbanas, June 1929

Wayland Mi, At home

Ann, Virginia,George, Olga and baby Frances. Anna in doorway

Olga Arbanas Dec. 1929

Kathrine Arbanas

June Rose at 5 Years old.

Flower Girl at the Wedding of 11-16-1935

June Rose at 3 years old

11 Years Old

Julia Arbanas and Frances (Baby Doll)

Julia Arbanas

Julia Arbanas and Frances (Baby Doll)

Julia Arbanas and Emil Edward Pavlak.

Marriage Photo

New Years Day 1933 in Chicago

Lou and Olga Sporich and Daughter June Rose

Willma, June Sporich, Emma and Julia Arbanas

Rudy Arbanas

In Wedding

Rose Arbanas

Rudy Arbanas and Emil and Julia (Arbanas) Pavlac

Nicolas and Rose (Arbanas) Kerznaric with Toosie (Frances)


Olga (Arbanas) Sporich and Louie Sporich


Olga (Sporich) Arbanas, Virginia Wittendforf, Baby Ann and George and George Jr. Wittendorf

April 1929

Arbanas Family

Dan and Wilma's (Arbanas) Banas Wedding

19 Jul 1958

Frances (Kerznaric) and Ann Arbanas

Frances Kerznaric and her Neighbor

Josie, Mary and Eleanor Krulac

Nicolas Kerznaric

Nicolas Kerznaric and Frances (Arbanas)

Olga and Sister Frances

Nicolas Kerznaric and Rose (Arbanas)


All Related to me

Wilma, Helen, John (Cousin) Arbanas, Many Ann Ercegovac, Robert Bosnak, Violet Arvanas (Cousin) in Wayland, Michigan

Frank Arbanas 1929

George, Ann, Virginia, Carl Wittendorf

Olga (Arbanas) Sporich


Wille, Dana, Bob, Bosnak


Gladys, Clara and Olga Arbanas

Look at those hats

Katherine and Baby Doll Arbanas


Unknown, can you name them

Emma, Wilma, Julia, Rudolph and Frank Arbanas

Nick Kerznaric with son David


Louie Sporich and his New Car

1929 Chicago

George Jr. and Virginia Wittendorf

Rose Arbanas

November 1929

Nick Krulac his son David, Rose, Olga and husband Louie Sporich, Virgina Wittendorf, Tootsie (Frances) Kerznaric, June Rose Sporich

8-22-1932 Wayland MI. Louie developed the photo.

Helen and Wilma Arbanas, Josie Krulac and Emma Arbanas

April 1927

This must have been Gregory Arbanas' house.

Male Drag, Yogoslavia - 1981 Photo

Assuming Arbanas and Extented Family

Stefana, Helen, Mary Ann, Rudy Ercegovac






Arbanas Family



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