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Descendant of an Ancestor who lived in Jamestown in the year 1619

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Early Caledonia News Paper

Cemeteries and tombstones

Frankenmuth - Ice Sculptures

A Ticket for the Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company (TMER&L)

WLAV Raft Race 1970s

Fire in Grandville in the 1970s

John B. Kraft's, 1873 German Bible

Click here for the German Bible

Helen (Spaulding) Kraft's, 1860 English Bible

Click here for the Spaulding Bible 1860

Holy Matrimony Wedding Certificate 1867

Click here for the Certificate

Nashville, Michigan, Graduation Class of 1937

Click here for the 1937 photo

Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mulick Park School, Class of 1958, 6th grade

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Blackies Radio and TV

Forest Hills Foods

Spaanstra Bros. Garage

Knight of Columbus Hall - Paul Arbanas



This web site is dedicated to my ancestors who came to Kent County, Michigan in the early 1800s.  Kent County was a wilderness at the time but the families survived the hardships.   The families of Kraft (1869), Cook (1836), Patterson (1828), and Spaulding (1836) were among the first to arrive in Kent County, Michigan.

Edward Spaulding lived in Jamestown in the year 1619 and endured the Indian Massacre that occurred in the Virginia Colony on Good Friday, March 22, 1622.   About 347 people, or almost one-third of the population of Jamestown were killed by attacks of the Powhatan Confederacy under Chief Opechancanough.

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Patterson Sanitarium

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